Your business doesn’t exist online without a website

Our mobile devices such as cellphones and tablets have become an integral part of our existence.Almost all our daily activities are performed on digital devices, from checking the weather to reading the news.

When searching for a product, service or business, most people these days to a Google search to find it. More than 50% of those searches come from mobile devices. Therefore, it stands to reason, that if you don’t have a websites, more specially a mobile responsive website, your business cannot and will not be found.

The benefits of a well-designed and mobile responsive website are:

  • Your business is effectively open 24/7.
  • You are not restricted by the geographic location of your business.
  • Your business will appear in online searches.
  • Having a website increases the effectiveness of your social media marketing.
  • A good website gives your business an online profile and legitimacy.

Based in Cape Town, we provide South Africa’s most affordable web design service, helping SME’s create affordable and highly effective digital marketing tools, in order for them to sell more and improve their search engine rankings.

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