Web Design – why cheap doesn’t mean better

As one of South Africa’s most affordable websites designers, operating from our base in Cape Town, we deal with literally dozens of clients every month, who are looking for an effective and affordable web design option.

The biggest problem in the web design sector is that clients want to pay beer money for champagne web design packages.

Like with everything else in life, in the world of web design, you get what you pay for.Hence the reason that we market ourselves as “affordable web designers”, instead of “cheap web designers”.

Our web design packages have a full range of user functions because it runs on the Kwikwap Ecommerce Platform which is South Africa’s easiest web creation and management software.

Questions our clients often ask are:

Why must I pay a monthly fee if I have a domain?

Answer: Having a registered domain does not mean you have a website or a content management system to manage and create content on your website. A content management system is required to manage your website and usually web designers lock their clients out of the system, so that they can charge clients for every update that is made. Our clients have full access to the back end of their websites, allowing them to manage and create content on their websites at their leisure.

Can I have an online store?

Answer: The online store and electronic brochure is included in the monthly fee and can be activated and deactivated by the client at any point

Can I have a blog on my website?

Answer: All our ecommerce websites have a blog included in the modules that can be activated on the website. The blog is linked to the subscriber database which allows up to 5000 email subscribers and can be automatically emailed once a blog is posted.

How many pages can I have on my website?

Answer: Our ecommerce websites offer unlimited pages.

How many email accounts do I get?

Answer: Our ecommerce web design packages offer unlimited email accounts.

I don’t live in Cape Town, would you be able to design a website for me?

Answer: Yes. We have created websites for clients all over South Africa and as far afield as New Zealand and Australia.

How long does it take to create a website?

Answer: Our Website Shop can create a template based website for you instantly.

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