The power of short words in business writing

There is no law in the English language that states we must use long words to communicate an idea. Short words, in many cases have the power of being more effective, than a few long words.

Big words can often darken the journey you are trying to entice your reader into taking. Small words will light (I could have used “illuminate”) the way. Small words such as hate, peace, love, morning and evening, clearly communicate an idea, without placing an intellectual or emotional strain on the reader.

Short words are like, a hot knife through butter, a cold drink on a hot day, as shocking as a bee sting, as nimble as a fly around a dog.

A simple rule: Use small words as much as you can. However, don’t be afraid to use long words, when they are more effective. Short words are easier to absorb by your reader, making your communication simple without being simplistic.

Never use a big word, when a small word will do. The purpose of writing is to express, not impress.

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By Wesley Fester

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