Your social media posts can result in content fatigue

Many small businesses in South Africa use social media platforms as their sole online platform.They might just have a Facebook page without a website.Research has shown however that businesses with only a Facebook page and no website,lack the credibility that will allow consumers to further engage.Without that further engagement there cannot be sales.Over and above this this though,constant bombardment of your Facebook page can result in viewer fatigue as small businesses stuff their Facebook pages with information because they have no other outlet platform such as website,blog or newsletter for it.

Small businesses should try and avoid this type of content fatigue setting in at all costs,as this will result in potential customers either scrolling past your posts or even going as far as unliking your page,which results in your exposure being diminished.When your exposure declines,it then mitigates the effectiveness of your overall marketing campaign.

Here are few tips to avoid content fatigue on social media:

- Schedule your posts,so if that your posts are automatically published at pre-selected times.
- Send out a regular newsletters with all relevant updates about your products/services.
- Create a blog which contains links to your other social media platforms such as twitter and linkedin etc.
- Regularly update your website and post those links to your social media platforms.

In order to assist small and growing businesses in their social media and online efforts, Snappy Web Designs,offers a a comprehensive social media consulting service.

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