Tiger’s Milk Muizenberg – how NOT to do customer service

As a web designer, blogger and video journalist, I don’t have a physical office, so usually just find a comfortable place with good coffee and uncapped WiFi to camp out at for a day. Today I chose Tiger’s Milk in Muizenberg.

I got in here at 13h00, ordered a drink, and asked the waiter to give me 5 minutes to decide about what I would like to eat. At about 13h50, my waiter once again graced me with his presence, politely asking me if I would settle my bill, as his shift was ending. I settled the bill.

At the moment, it’s 14h07, the waiter is still hanging around and serving people. Other waiters walk past me. It seems no one is interested in taking an order from me.

Let’s see if the waiter is still here at 14h30, and if anyone (including him), will bother to come take an order from me. Also, no other waiter has been assigned to my table.

It’s now 14h15, the waiter is hanging around at the entrance just fooling around and chatting to another staff member. Why exactly was I asked to settle my bill at 13h50, if he is still here??

Finally at exactly 14h20, a waitress named Megan, came to ask if I would like to place an order.

The waiter who had me settle my bill is still here at 14h22. His name is Selby.

This is a lesson in bad customer service that every restaurant should avoid. It’s not the first time I experience such bad service at this restaurant, so today I decided to document it.

As the pictures below show, the restaurant wasn’t even full, so that excuse cannot be used. I’m going to quite enjoy the response from Tiger’s Milk management.

As I post this article the time is 14h25

By Wesley Fester

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