Meetings will kill your business

Many South African businesses and entrepreneurs are failing before they even get started because they refuse to embrace new ways of doing business,instead sticking to outdated business processes which are both costly and unnecessary.

As South Africa’s leading business plan and small business marketing consultants,we deal with hundreds of different businesses every year.The one thing that we notice in all the least successful business owners that we deal is one thing: the constant need to have meetings about meetings,even for the most trivial of reasons.

One of the most affordable services we provide is for instance a five page website for R750.00. Hard to believe,but there are clients that want to have a meeting about a R750.00 website.

Even scarier is when people require a business plan,they often find us via a Google search,can see our office is in Cape Town but will want to know if we can meet in Polokwane.Most of these types of clients will either fail to acquire the business financing they are seeking,or the business will fail after they have acquired the financing.Often these business owners will use that finance to print old style business media such as flyers,instead of services such as copywriting,branding and SEO which provides online returns for years to come.

One of our clients who refused to embrace the online purchase of a business plan and insisted on meetings lost a R20 000 000.00 tender because his business plan could not be completed in time because instead of following our online processes,we had to arrange a meeting at a time that was suitable for both parties.By the time we had met,the business plan could have been completed,but could only be started after the meeting had taken place.

For some or other reason,most of these clients,think that their businesses have a unique set of business principles and that we as professional business consultants will not understand their businesses.The process we use to write a business plan forms a well-tested and documented process and gathers all the information we require to write a complete business plan,which can all be done online and via email.

Don’t let your business fail because of your need for unnecessary meetings.Check out all our services which can be delivered without the need for a meeting.

To access any of our services,please visit our website or contact us.

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