How to market your website

The marketing of your website is the one action you will take in your business that will keep on bringing in sales for years to come. The process of marketing your website is not an overnight task, as it takes loads of time and effort to drive traffic to your website.

In order to market your website to generate leads and sales, you one of 2 things: Time and/or Money.

You have to either invest the time to create content or you literally need to pay SEO and Digital Marketing and Copywriting specialists thousands to create content and optimise your website in order to drive traffic to your website.

Here are a few simple things to market your website online that will not cost you an arm or a leg:

  • Google My Business: in order to register your business you simply need a Gmail account. You have to go through a verification process, whereby Google will send you a postcard to your business address that includes a code that you need to insert in order to complete the verification process.This will help your business location to get included in Google search results.
  • Social Media: social media accounts are important for engaging with clients and also to create awareness of your business. All content you post to your business social media accounts must link back to your website.Remember that backlinks are an important part of the SEO process, so having backlinks to content on your website in your social media posts will also help improve your ranking in search engine results pages (SERP’s).The 3 social media platforms I normally recommend is: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. I would also recommend Instagram if loads of images with captions can be posted of your products and or services, and this too must contain links to your website.
  • Keywords: keywords are important to the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) process which helps your website appear in search results for the major search engines such Google, Yahoo and Bing.If you are a photographer in Cape Town for instance, they keywords you would want your website to be found for would be Cape Town Photographer / Photography Cape Town. So in order to be found for those keywords those words need to be found in places on your website such as your Page Titles, Home and About Us pages and in content created in your blog.However, be careful to not stuff too many keywords in your content as Google could penalize your website and this could result in a lower ranking in its search results.
  • Blog: blogging is the easiest and cheapest way to create content on your site. By creating relevant and exciting content in your blog, people searching for related content will find your website. Through finding the content on your website, they will engage with and these engagements will lead to sales. Ultimately this is how blog content relates to sales: Content creates website traffic, traffic converts to leads, leads convert into sales.Besides blogging and creating relevant content, it is also important to create content REGULARLY. CONTENT RELEVANCE cannot be stressed enough, as Google is about information that is RELEVANT to web searches to their search results.Blog posts should consist of great copy, images and links to YouTube videos.

In a nutshell, the above, are some of the things you can do yourself on your website. That’s why it is important to have a website that has content management system that is user friendly and easy to navigate.

We provide business owners with full ecommerce websites that they can self-manage via the Kwikwap system. Kwikwap is South Africa’s leading website creation and management software. The Kwikwap system takes less than an hour to understand and we provide our clients with full training on the system.

The Kwikwap system provides you with all of the following:

  • Unlimited Web Pages
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Product Categories
  • Online Store – will all electronic payment platforms
  • Blog
  • Newsletter – with a built-in email database for up to 5000 subscribers
  • Social media share buttons
  • Built-in SEO tools

We are South Africa’s leading and most affordable web design, ecommerce and digital marketing agency, providing all the following services to SME’s throughout South Africa, from our base in Cape Town:


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