How to make R2500.00 per day and earn passive income

The internet is now the location of the global market place.Small businesses around the world have had to adapt to selling online or face closure.The need for ecommerce and online services grows daily.

As designers of Kwikwap websites,we can provide you with the best business and money making opportunity in South Africa.Kwikwap is the world’s best and easiest website creation software.Through the creation of websites for small businesses,entrepreneurs can earn R2500.00 per website as well as on going passive income from the hosting fees.

You probably saying: “I know nothing about websites”. That is the benefit of Kwikwap,you don’t have to do any coding or know anything about IT at ALL.The software does it all for you and we will train you to use the software.

What does it cost?

For only R2500.00 you get a consultant code with full access to the Kwikwap website creation software.We will also provide you with full training until you have at least 3 clients.

How do I start?

You pay your R2500.00 licence fee and then arrange training with us. Training can be done in person or telephonically depending on your location.

How much will I be earning after a year?

Let’s assume that you sell only 1 website per day for a year?:

R2500.00 x 5 x 52 weeks = R650 000.00

How much passive income will I be earning after a year?:

You will get R75.00 per month for each ecommerce website you sell,therefore:

R75.00 x 5 x 52 = R19 500.00

To get started today please email us on and we will get in contact with you and provide further information.

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