How to build your business step by step - from your business plan to your website

The process of starting and building a business starts with creating a concept and developing it into a fully fledged brand.

Follow the following steps to take your business from a concept in a business plan into a recognisable brand.

  1. Register a Company – registering your company as separate legal entity should happen right at the beginning.Allow the finances of your business to be kept completely separate from your business.Registering your business as a company also shows people that you deal with that the business as an identity,distinct from the owner’s identity.


  1. Develop a Business Plan – have professionally written business plan created and compiled for your business and/or business idea.The business plan serves not only as a blue print to develop and grow the business but is also required by banks and credit finance agencies before a finance application is even considererd.
  1. Get a full ecommerce website – getting a fully interactive and responsive website is the first step in growing your online customer base.No business these days can afford NOT to come up in a Google search.Ranking high in a Google search is key to growing your customer base.The easier you make it for potential clients to purchase your goods and services online,the more likely it is that they will return to your website.There are many affordable website options available that won’t cost an arm and a leg.
  1. Get a Business Coach – small business coaching is vitally important in the early stages of a business.A business coach will do an assessment of the market you operate in and the challenges your business faces.The business coach will then draft a plan of action and implementation to help your grow your business and market share.
  1. Develop a Marketing Plan – a marketing plan is separate from your business plan and is specifically focused on marketing your products/services and your business as a whole.The marketing plan will include a specific marketing strategy for each product/service.
  1. Develop a Business Proposal – a business proposal is usually sent to clients and potential clients and details a complete proposal to clients as to why they should purchase your products/services.A professional business proposal should be sourced from a highly skilled copywriter and or business plan consultant.
  1. Create a Logo and Corporate Identity – a logo and corporate identity should only be created when all of the about have been completed.A corporate identity and logo should be created to fit a business and marketing strategy and NOT the other way around.
  1. Develop a Digital Marketing Strategy – social media marketing is an essential component of every current marketing strategy.Ideally businesses should be active on all the major social media networks.Digital marketing encompasses everything from blogging on your website to content in your social media timelines.A digital marketing expert will guide you through the process of content creation.

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By Wesley Fester

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