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In the world of web design, effectiveness and professionalism, are as important as turnaround times. In most cases, the client should have created a website for the business, weeks, months or even years ago.

The challenge faced by many independent web designers, is the fact that they may have to write the code from scratch for a client. In cases such as these, it could take weeks or even months to get the website to go live.

We however, create our websites on the Kwikwap CMS platform, which is South Africa’s most easy to use and affordable web design and website management software.

Using the Off The Shelf Module on our website, which displays as our Website Shop, we are able to create a full ecommerce website at the click of a button. All the client does is complete the enquiry form in our website shop and a temporary website is setup instantly, while the username and password for the content management system is emailed to their inbox.

Clients have a choice of a template design or a custom designed website, with a small price difference.

In order to get your website today, at the most affordable price in South Africa, please visit our Website Shop.

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