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I love web design, it’s one of the most interesting and constantly evolving industries in which to work and operate a business in. Being a web designer in Cape Town, South Africa, also known as the Mother City, is to live a dream lifestyle that very few can live.

The area of web design has evolved far beyond the process of creating web pages and domain registration and hosting, and now also requires web designers to have skills including but not limited to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Copywriting, Social Media Marketing, Small Business Marketing, Blogging and a variety of other skills to assist website clients to market their businesses and websites online.

Designing websites for clients in Cape Town is especially exciting, since the City is so tourist driven. So creating websites for restaurants, guest houses, shuttle companies, tour operators and other tourist and service related businesses is a huge part of our business.

I love the food industry, especially food places in Cape Town, and I wrote a blog about how restaurants can use their websites to boost their turnover.

What I like about working in Cape Town, is that fact that things are very laid back and informal, especially with regards to business meetings. What does frustrate me sometimes though, unlike in Johannesburg (where my home is), is the incessant need for personal meetings by small business owners in Cape Town. Many Capetonians, have not latched onto the idea, that whatever can be discussed in a meeting can also just be summed up in a short email or whatsapp message (my favourite form of communication).

I created the Website Shop specifically for the purpose of automating the web design and purchase process. After all, we are ecommerce web designers, so it only makes logical sense that we would automate our own selling processes, just like we have created online stores four our clients to sell their products.

It has been a really cold winter in Cape Town thus far, with not enough rain though, as there are still strict water restrictions. One client of ours is doing a booming business selling pool covers, as pool owners scramble to comply with the water restrictions imposed by the City of Cape Town Municipality. The idea of having a full ecommerce website, with online store and ordering system, works well and will boost your sales, no matter what industry you are in.

I often work from coffee shops, where I also have meetings (I don’t really have an office), or setup websites for clients over a cappuccino or frappe`.

I’ve noticed that clients are looking for more advanced features than what simple 5 page websites can offer and I believe that this trend will grow. Also, websites need to be mobile responsive, as more and more people use mobile devices to do web searches.

Most of my clientele is still sourced from Cape Town and Johannesburg, many of them referrals from existing clients, and many more who find us via Google and search engine searches.

As the cold weather kicks in, I hope to use this blog to help people take their businesses online and help small business owner embrace the power of the web with online and social media marketing through powerful but also affordable ecommerce websites.

I commute between Cape Town, Johannesburg, and other parts of the country, not only to help clients with web design and digital marketing projects, but also to attend to other interests, business and otherwise that I have.

I will continue to build the business from the coffee shops and restaurants of Cape town and Johannesburg, in order to build Cape Town and South Africa’s leading and most affordable web design and digital marketing agency.


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