Build a YouTube channel and grow your sales

YouTube by all accounts is now the second largest search engine in the world.In order to drive online growth, companies are now creating YouTube channels in order to market and review their products and services and also using the video platform to drive traffic to their various online marketing platforms. Consumers can also subscribe to these channels.

With more than 800 million viewers on YouTube every month, it is beneficial to any business to access this fast growing marketing platform.The biggest advantage is that it is absolutely FREE.

There is also a way to monetise your YouTube channel (I will discuss that in a follow up blog).

Here is how you can grow your channesl FAST:

1. Tell great stories: the key to increasing your viewership is to tell great video stories that will keep people watching and waiting in anticipation of your next video. There are 2 main types of YouTube content: entertainment and information. Ideally, you want your videos to be a combination of both.

2. Plan your videos: for every 5 minutes of video, you should spend 30 minutes planning it and setting the scene. Make sure you have proper lighting and decent audio. Perhaps invest in a decent backdrop for recording videos. No one wants to watch a video that has babies screaming in the background and messy dishes in view.

3. Post videos regularly: people will not keep visiting your channel or subscribe to it if there are not regular updates. A minimum of one video every second week is a good place to start.

4. Solve problems: people are visiting YouTube to find answers. Your videos must provide that solution.

5. Share your YouTube widget on your blog or website. Advertise your channel on all your digital platforms in order to drive traffic to your channel.

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