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SME Digital Marketing Bundle

The SME Digital Marketing Bundle is an affordable and all inclusive digital marketing package that aims to not only create brand awareness for SME's but also create a platform for growing and sustaining online sales.

The 2 main aims of this digital marketing bundle is:

1. GROW online sales.

2. Get your business to rank on the FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE.

The SME Digital Marketing Bundle comprises the following:

- Custom Designed Ecommerce Website (Unlimited Pages & Unlimited Email Accounts)

- Custom Business Logo Design

- Social Media Account Management - creation and management of two business social media accounts for a period of 90 days from the launch of your website

- Blog - creation and management of your business blog for a period of 90 days. Includes the creation of 2 original blog articles per month in order to drive traffic to your website

- SEO - Search Engine Optimisation - we key word all major pages on your website and ensure the ongoing maintenance of content on your website in order to grow and sustain web traffic

- Google Adwords - The management fee on this is R500.00 per month . (Google recommends a daily Ad spend of R100.00 per day.So estimated cost of R3600.00 per month) - THIS IS OPTIONAL

Cost: R10 000.00

Deposit: R8000.00 ( Balance Payable on launch of website)

Read about all the amazing website features.

NB: The hosting fee on the website is R165.00 per month and is payable via debit order.

Complete the purchase form below in order to request the SME Digital Marketing Bundle for your small business.


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  Five Page Template Website - R750.00
  Five Page Website with Unique Design - R1750.00
  Ecommerce Template based Website - R2500.00
  Ecommerce Website with Unique Design - R3500.00
  Ecommerce Template based Website + 3 blog posts - R3500.00
  Ecommerce Template based Website + 6 blog posts - R5000.00
  Ecommerce Website with Unique Design + 3 blog posts - R4500.00
  Ecommerce Website with Unique Design + 6 blog posts -R6000.00
  SME Digital Marketing Package