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Copywriting is a technical writing skill used in the creation of advertising,promotional and marketing material.Copywriting in the modern context embraces everything from promotional flyers to seo script writing.

Copywriting is used to create,develop and expand a marketing concept from a blue print into a responsive and interactive campaign.

One of our major strengths as ecommerce web designers is SEO copywriting.SEO copywriting includes:

- Writing SEO scripts for websites.

- Key word research.

- Digital Copy editing.

- Proofreading digital copy.

- Digital content creation.

- Sourcing,planning,developing and implementing digital marketing campaigns.

Our range of copywriting services also includes:

- Blog Posts and Blog Management : we provide blog posts with a minimum of 200 words on a regular basis,or dependent on client needs.The aim of blog posts are to create and add informative and interesting content that will generate web traffic.

- White Papers: white papers are 1000-3000 word responsive,interactive and problem solving documents.The main purpose of a white paper is to address and resolve a specific problem for a client.In most cases the solution will be linked to a product or service provided by the client.Ideally the white paper should be objectively customer-driven and containing useful and implementable solutions.

- Email Campaigns: email campaigns need to stimulate interest,promote awareness and point recipients to a call to action.They have to be concise,factual and enlightening.

- Case Studies: short stories on how a specific product or customer related problem has been solved.Generally there is a standard formula for scripting case studies within various industries.Good copywriting will find the good story within such a case study.

- Website Copy - copywriting for websites is an essential and much needed aspect of web and digital marketing.Digital content creation and SEO falls within the ambit of most modern copywriting professionals these days.

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