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Not many business owners understand the immense importance and value that business coaching or mentoring can bring to your new or existing enterprise.

Small business coaching brings a wealth of expertise to the understanding,development and implementation of your growth plan.By offering you our diverse and highly specialised business marketing skills in everything from ecommerce web design to business plan writing we are able to offer new or existing business owners a highly adaptable turnkey solution that will aim to grow your small business organically and take it from strength to strength in order to deliver lasting and long term results.

Our coaching service is available to business owners both in person and online through the submission of various documents.The pupose of our coaching service is to offer entrpreneurs affordable coaching services as well as affordable small business marketing solutions that will lead to positive growth over time.


Clients pays the initial small business coaching fee of R750.00 for a 2 hour consultation.
The consultation is then split into 2 parts: 1. Question and Answer Session between the consultant and the business owner. 2. Coaching consultant does an analysis of the documents presented by you (bring along all relevant business,marketing & financial documents)
Within 48 hours of the consultation the coaching consultant will provide you with a 1-2 page analysis of your business with implementable solutions.

To book a consulting session please email us or call us on 0817829690/0834031215.