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We offer aspiring entrepreneurs one of the most affordable and profitable business opprtunities in South Africa.As unemployment in South Africa increases,there will be an increase in a need for business related services to aspiring business owners who need guidance in developing business opportunities.

This is not a get rich quick scheme but an opportunity for prospective entrepreneurs in South Africa to build a lasting and profitable enterprise by acting as business incubators for small and developing businesses throughout South Africa and thereby act as as a distributor and supplier of business related products and services.

Some of the services that we will help you provide to clients are:

- Business Plans

- Business Proposals

- Company Registrations

- Ecommerce

- Small Business Websites

- Marketing & Branding packages

- Social Media Marketing & Consulting

- ANY OTHER business related product or service which will add value to the development of your clients business.

We will provide full training to you for seven (7) days after purchasing the franchise/business opportunity.We will travel anywhere in South Africa to provide you training. No previous experience is required as we will train you fully in the provision of affordable business consulting services to clients anywhere in South Africa.

Through the provision of affordable services both on and offline we train you to become a business and internet marketing aspect with the ability to provide affordable services to clients anywhere in South Africa.

This  opportunity is one of the most profitable and affordable as well as easy to learn and manage in South Africa.All of these services and any service you may want to add is becoming essential to business owners as more and more people become unemployed and are pushed into both the formal and informal business sector.

This affordable opportunity does not require any formal academic skills besides computer and internet literacy.If you buy this very affordable business opportunity you can choose to either operate und our banner or develop your business independently.

What do you need to take advantage of the most affordable business opportunity in South Africa?

- Computer

- Internet connection

- Mobile Phone

To purchase the most affordable affordable business opportunity in South Africa you need to do the following:

- Send us an email to requesting the business agreement and provide us with your contact details.

- We will set up a personal meeting or arrange a time for us to chat telephonically,depending on your location.

- You will then complete the necessary documents and make payment of the fee.

What does the most affordable and easiest business opportunity in South Africa cost?

The best business opportunity in South Africa will only set you back a very AFFORDABLE R35 000.00

What does the most affordable business opportunity in South Africa include for R35 000.00?

You will get the following:

- Full Ecommerce Website that includes the following: unlimited pages,unlimited email addresses,unlimited product or service listings,5000 electronic newsletters permonth plus many other ecommerce features.

- Ecommerce Web Design Business Licence through which you can earn upfront design fees as well as ongoing hosting fees.

- A full marketing & branding package for your business consisting of the following: 1000 business cards,corporate logo design,letterhead,personalised business card design,promotional flyer,business presentation in pdf or powerpoint which you can email to prospective clients)

- Small business marketing training

- System training to help you use our content management system to build your and your clients business online

- Business assistance until you have successfully completed service provision to at least 3 clients.

- Ongoing training and information via videos and email.

What if I don't want to do the work myself can I outsource my clients work to The Business Builder?

Yes you may secure the business to us and we will provide those services to you at a discounted rate and you will still be entitled to the ongoing revenue.

When you buy this affordable business opportunity you are not restricted to any geographic region of South Africa. This opportunity can be accessed and distributed to anyone,anywhere in South Africa.