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We provide a blogging and blog management service for small and medium sized businesses who require exciting and traffic generating content on their ecommerce websites.We have linked our blogging and blog management services to our ecommerce website design services as these websites offer an incorporated blogging facility.

Blogging is the greatest and most exciting part of your business marketing efforts as it will create the necessary traffic you need for your website.The more traffic a website gets as a result of ongoing blogging,the more leads it receives and those leads can ultimately be converted into sales.

A blog and the process of blogging has statistically been proven to be they key driver of returning and recurring web traffic,thereby constantly enhancing and driving the online marketing efforts of business and helping you build a brand presence through interesting and content filled blog posts.

Constant and effective management of your blog will also provide the management of your company with a barometer of client needs via constant online interaction.

The content and management of the blog can either be linked to ecommerce website created by us or we can create blogging content for a blog or website that is managed independently of us.

Our blogging and blog mnagement costs if linked to a ecommerce website created by us,is as follows:

R3250.00 - Template based ecommerce website + 3 blog posts

R4750.00 - Template based ecommerce website + 6 blog posts

R4250.00 - Ecommerce Website (Unique Design) + 3 blog posts

R5750.00 - Ecommerce Website (Unique Design) + 6 blog posts

Once we have created the blog and completed all the posts (1 blog post per week of a minimum of 200 words) we will handover management of the blog to you to ensure effective operation and management of your website and blog.