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We provide a social media marketing service for all small businesses,in order to build them a recognisable and lasting presence on all social media platforms.As social media platforms grow in importance with regards to daily operations of companies,it becomes even more important for small businesses to establish and grow their social media presence based on more than a building of a list of followers and more centred around content creation and product/service awareness as well as client engagement.

By providing an ongoing social media marketing and consulting role with regards to your social media platforms we will ensure that our social media marketing services not only add value but also benchmark it against performance targets and customer engagement statistics.

Our social media marketing service not only managers your relevant social media accounts,but also manages the responses to your company's social media interactions as well as establishing response and resolution criteria for the social media accounts we manage on your behalf.

The cost of social media marketing and management services are as follows:

Monthly Fee per account: R1000.00 pm

Minimum number of accounts to be managed: 2

Minimum number of months: 3

Deposit required: 75%