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As marketing and branding specialists we will develop a broad marketing and branding campaign across all media,digital and social platforms aimed at attracting and creating awareness around all aspects of your brand.

We provide one of the most affordable and comprehensive marketing and branding campaign services on the market,which is aimed at creating a uniform look for business both on and offline.Marketing and branding is the fuel that will keep the engine of your small business running on the road of success for many years

To help budding entrepreneurs in their marketing and branding efforts in their new business ventures we have created a marketing and branding bundle package from our basket of services and applied a huge discount to them.

Our marketing and branding package consists of the following

  • Ecommerce Website with a unique branded design
  • Corporate Identity Design (Letterhead,Business Card,Compliment Slip,8 Page Company Profile presentation in Power Point,Company Promotional Flyer)
  • 1000 printed business cards
  • Blog Management - blog management and content creation for 3 months
  • Setting up and creation of social media profiles and posting content to them for 3 months.

Cost: R10 000.00

Deposit: R8000.00


Ecommerce Website (Completed in 7 Days)

Corporate Identity (Completed in 7 Days)

Business Cards Printed within in 7 days


Marketing Package

Please familiarise yourself with the details of the Marketing package before proceeding.

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